Accidents Happen

A useful tip in traveling is — Know and save emergency numbers. Especially when you do not know anyone. Always be prepared and save useful numbers in your contacts — emergency response number…


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Thrive portal development and token utility

Greetings community !

After the conclusion of our Hackathon, devs are back at work on developing of marketing platform that allows customers to exploit the system potential.

Now the focus is on the improvement of the Portal: Publishers will have the possibility to create new advertising campaigns and customize them for specifically targeted public segments and Advertisers will be able to monetize their websites making available advertising spaces.

Thanks to our platform it will be possible to buy and sell advertising packages at an agreed price and subscribe new affiliate partnerships. Traffic will be bought using THRT tokens.

Accordingly to our recently updated Roadmap, Thrive Portal will be released in Q4 2018.

Keep following us for new updates !!

Instagram: @wearethrivelabs

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