Thrive portal development and token utility

After the conclusion of our Hackathon, devs are back at work on developing of marketing platform that allows customers to exploit the system potential. Now the focus is on the improvement of the…


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Can Everything Be Disrupted?

But, it is happening. Disruption is all around us and is changing our lives for the good. New modes of transportation, new foods, new processes for nearly everything, new payment methods, new clothing, new devices, new content delivery modes…holy smokes.

When most people, even entrepreneurs, think of disruption, they are likely to think of concepts and products like the iPhone or Netflix or Skype. Think again. The new round of disruption is happening closer to home.

Just in the last few months, I talked to entrepreneurs who are disrupting the way we buy clothes that fit online. I have met with entrepreneurs who are disrupting the way schools raise money by replacing the dreaded bake sale and subscription drive. I met with an entrepreneur who is disrupting the market for drinking tea. The list goes on.

So, just when you think all the good ideas are taken, look around the room. The next big disruptive idea might be under your nose. We are living in a world where nothing is safe from disruption.

Have an idea for a better mousetrap?

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