The 12 Fundamental Principles from the Scout Oath and Law of the Scouting Movement the Youth Should Live With

A Pyth Clareans B. Dangcalan shared experience as a member of the World Organization of the Scouting Movement Community and as a Scout living by it’s Fundamentals, Methods, and Principles.


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Stores With Senior Shopping Hours During the Pandemic

Seniors have had a rough time with the pandemic. Not only are they a cohort who disproportionately experiences the adverse effects of Covid 19, the new Delta Variant is spreading faster.

Governors in the Red states have left it to city leadership to institute protective measures, and governors in the Blue states are locking everything down. With hospitalizations mounting, and the infected mostly unvaccinated, it’s reasonable to wonder how we are going to get through this is a society.

Some of the biggest retail stores in the USA have created senior shopping hours, like

2. Target

3. Walmart

4. Publix

5. Kroger

and more.

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